7th May 2016

I made a flight from Otherton to North Coates, a distance of 116 miles.
The aircraft was a MXP 740 Savannah G-SAVY.

What was supposed to be a pleasant week-end with two days of flying turned out to be something entirely different!

The weather clagged in for the last 10 minutes of the flight causing some entertaining heading changes just prior to landing

This is a simulation of those last minutes of the flight. The simulation follows the GPX track as recorded by SkyDemon at the time of the actual flight.

Having landed at North Coates I could be forgiven for thinking my excitement for the week-end was complete. It wasn't!

Hairy arrival at North Coates

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8th May 2016

The return flight to Otherton via the east coast and Skegness - well that was the plan

Nineteen minutes into the flight there was a thump from the rear of the aircraft followed by the airframe vibrating so severe that it shook the joystick from my hand. It was very much like sitting on a washing machine that was trying to spin a lumpy load. I reduced speed and made a precautionary landing in a field near Mablethorpe.

This is a simulation of the flight. The simulation follows the GPX track as recorded by SkyDemon at the time of the actual flight.

Departure North Coates and precautionary landing

Images can be seen here.

Now here's a thought

24th May 2016

Time to do some aviating!

RAF Strubby was not more that twenty minutes flying time from the field I was in and it was my plan to get the a/c over to one of their hangers ASAP in order to make a more permanent repair to the broken trim tab push-rod and servo.

I had made my predicament known to Mike Wimsey at RAF Strubby on Day One (as well as the local police and farmer) and he was brilliant.

He kept a watchful eye, going out of his way to visit the a/c during the 16 days it was stuck in the field.

On my third drive up from Stoke I decided this was the day. On previous visits I had made good the repair as best I could and had removed 30 litres of fuel to reduce the take-off weight, but more importantly there was a strong northly wind blowing straight down the field, just what I wanted.

Mike came across and helped me push the a/c to the opposite end of the field as I didn't want to risk dinging the prop on the loose stones by running the engine. He then positioned himself half-way up the field and said if I wasn't airbourne by the time I got to him that I should abort the take-off! With half flap, the stick in my belly, full power and 10 mph head wind G-SAVY literally leapt into the air, it rather took me by surprise. I was passing 170 ft when I reached Mike!

Flight from farmers field to RAF Strubby

Images can be seen here.
Simulation Info
Flight software: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Simulation aircraft: Savage Carbon
Nav application: Little NavMap
Track flown: Taken from Skydemon GPX file recording of the actual flight