Summer 1980
Puddling round the Dunkeswell circuit in a Rallye Club 880B. My log book shows I flew the following a/c G-BDEB, G-BCBP, G-BDEG, G-JENS, G-BGKD, G-BGKB and G-BECB (but not at the same time).
21st June 1981
Very brave friends to south coast in G-BDCA.
Henstridge, Odell in the back, Bird with Bill and Frank.
Summer 1989
Building up hours in Cessna A150 at Sleap flying G-BOIR, G-BHAD, G-CSFC, G-AVIT, G-BOFX and G-BHAD before going to live in Papua New Guinea.
Dedicated to the memory of Uncle Charlie and the crew of submarine HMS Swordfish