On 18th April 2011 I left the UK for Kathmandu, Nepal and from there to Lukla for an 8 day trek to Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp was reached at 27° 59.980'N 86° 50.939'E @ 17,358 feet (5,291m) on Thursday, 28th April 2011.

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A message to my fellow trekkers

A thank you to Alex for the tea-shirts given to us all - a great idea.

A thank you to Colin for all the tips, advice, lotions, potions and stuff when I was crook.

A thank you to Robin for the suggestion of lemon-tea, honey, whisky and bed when I was coming down with all sorts of aches, pains and headache at Tengboche.

A thank you to Bill (the hill) for clothing recommendations and encouragement.

A thank you to Kirsty for being Kirsty and the chocolate biscuit bar when I couldn't find my snicker.

A thank you to John for Mars bars a plenty.

A thank you to James and Simone for never missing the opportunity to tease about my new jackets and the kind note you slid under my door. Sorry I missed you both.

A thank you to Anita for showing to us all what determination and true grit really means.

A thank you to both Kit and Jim for being so pleasant about my incessant snoring.

A thank you to Eddie for teaching me how to to play cribbage albeit rather poorly - play that is.

And finally a huge thank you to Raz, Zanta and of course Jagan.

Jagan, thank you for making what otherwise would have been arduous in the extreme into something perversely enjoyable. Not to mention your delicious Chicken Chilli. I hope things go well for you on the 29th, Everest Base Camp to Namche Bazar marathon.

Best wishes to you all and may all the mountains you have to climb in the future be small ones - can't fail to  be much else can they!

Take care.

Chris (Pala)

Dedicated to the memory of Uncle Charlie and the crew of submarine HMS Swordfish