The Trans-Siberian/Trans-Mongolian Express - a winters journey

One of the world’s greatest travel experiences. Russia – Mongolia – China. 6,260 miles…and a bit! …and it all began by watching this film in my local cinema in 1988.

This was the first of my four Round The World Trips (RTW’s) that I made with my family whilst living in Papua New Guinea. The journey back to the UK started on 15th February 1991 at Lae, PNG and travelled through Port Moresby, Brisbane, Sydney, Nadi(Fiji), Kadavu, Galoa, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Orlando and Miami. We arrived at Gatwick on 26th February under thunderous skies.

The return trip to PNG began on 17th March with a flight from LHR to Moscow. Train #3, the Trans-Siberian Express left Moscow on 20th and after changing to the Trans-Mongolian Express at Ulan Ude and crossing the Gobi Desert arrived in Beijing on 25th a distance of 4,735 miles.

Train #47 left Beijing for Canton and Hong Kong on 30th March and arrived at Kowloon on 1st April a distance of 1,516 miles. We flew out of Kia Tak for Port Moresby and Lae on 5th April

Dedicated to the memory of Uncle Charlie and the crew of submarine HMS Swordfish