The Victory Show 2015

10th Anniversary of The Victory Show.

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Everest Base Camp 2011

To loose weight and get some fresh air.

Three capitals flight of Great Britain 2010

The endeavour was to fly our microlights, starting and finishing at Sandtoft and land as near as we could to the three capitals, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh - in one day.
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GNR 2009

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Otherton Flyin Sept 2009

Odell and James do a bit of aviating.
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Sywell Revival Sept 2009

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Raf Cosford 2009

Highlight of the show being the low-level fly pass of Avro Vulcan XH558

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G-SAVY 19th April 2009

Circuits at Otherton. Runway 07
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Isle Of Man 2006

Otherton fly-out to the Isle of Man to the watch the TT races. About 4 a/c in total. I flew out with John whilst Simon went over-land in Phil's Red van
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August 2005. Airbourne in the AX2000. Cracking flight from Otherton to Shobdon and return via Swynnerton. Couple of flights later it bit me in the bum!
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Otherton - Ameins

13-14th June 2004 - Weekend to France: only a tad marred by the rear center of gravity (due to all the crap Paul insisted on taking) which created a very interesting departure from Headcorn!
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Following in the wake of Harrison Ford (didn't know it at the time). Out from Maestermyn to Llangollen then back to go up the Montgomery. Wonderful.
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Airbourne in the Rans. General air-to-ground images with some good ones of Birmingham Midshires and Highcroft.

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PNG Boys Dive WeekEnds

..definitely not for girls. Half a dozen stubbies then out from Lae Yacht by 21:30. Feeding the fish by 21:40. On the dive site by 03:30. Bit of sleep then blowing bubbles at first light.

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Has Bilas

Fancy dress PNG style. Brilliant display of how the locals dress up for ...

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Handover of Barbarian I

23rd August 1991. The Beacon(1) @ Salamaua. The first Barbarian handed over with Barbarian II becoming the Niugini Diving dive boat.

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PNG Dive Weekend

26-27th January 1991. Theresa and Bird's 'Open Water' certification week-end at Fly Islands. Busama(1). Carman's Passage(2).Gillians(1).

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Trans-Siberian Express

March 1991. London to Moscow, three days dodging the KGB then train from Yaroslavlskii station to Beijing. Back on the train four days later to Kowloon, Hong Kong. Total train time: 8 days

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GA Stuff

Summer 1980, puddling round the Dunkeswell circuit. Local to south coast. Henstridge, Odell in the back, Bird with Bill and Frank. 1989 Pre-flight at Sleap.

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Three capitals flight of Great Britain - May 22nd 2010

The endeavour was to fly our microlights, starting and finishing at Sandtoft and land as near as we could to the three capitals, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh - in one day.

Participating Aircraft
G-CEGKMXP740 VGSteve Whittaker/Paul Etherington
G-CECUMXP740 VGBrian Cook/Pete Wilson
G-SAVYMXP740 VGChris Hollingworth/Simon Yardley

Flight Log

We flew from Otherton to Sandtoft on Friday and flew back on the Sunday. Total distance was 1007 miles with 12hrs 24mins flight time. Not bad for a week-end flying in a microlight!

Dedicated to the memory of Uncle Charlie and the crew of submarine HMS Swordfish