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Everest Base Camp 2011

On 18th April 2011 I left the UK for Kathmandu, Nepal and from there to Lukla for an 8 day trek to Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp was reached at 27° 59.980'N 86° 50.939'E @ 17,358 feet (5,291m) on Thursday, 28th April 2011.

Some images for fellow trekkers available for download.

The trip is shown as a slideshow , one for each of the 18 days. (This is a 'work in progress')

Unless where stated to the contrary, the 'GPS' tracks were created manually and plugged into Google Maps. They may loose the path in more than a few places.

In addition, I made a couple of small 'secret recordings' of Jagan(Expedition Sirdar), Bravin, Raz and Zanta on the way from Phakding to Lukla.

In the first, catch Jagan's chat-up line as a group of female trekkers pass us on the way to EBC! Listen out for Jagan, Bravin, Razs, Zanta and Kirsty laughing!

In the second, toward the end, Jagan realises I'm holding my mobile in my hand and not really doing much with it!

Jagan is a runner in this years Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon to be ran on 29th May 2011. This is the world's highest marathon starting at Everest Base Camp and finishing at Namche Bazar. Good luck to you Jagan.

...and finally to put the trek into perspective.
Some reading:
Into Thin Air: Personal Account of the Everest Disaster by Jon Krakauer
      - a brilliant and tragic read.

Some watching:
Inside the 1996 Everest Disaster - Ken Kamler
       - I was riveted to the spot watching this.

Project: Savannah(VG)

After almost 34 months in the build Savannah(VG) G-SAVY took to the air for it's first flight on 15th March 2009 at Sandtoft Airfied, North Lincolnshire. Chief Test Pilot was Chris Copple with myself flying as Test Observer.

First flight at Sandtoft - March 15th 2009, Slideshow or gallery.

In the circuit at Otherton - April 19th 2009, Slideshow or gallery.

Three Capitals flight of Great Britain - May 22nd 2010, Slideshow or gallery.

Read David Bremner's Review of the standard wing Savannah (6mB PDF file).

Project: Back to running and cycling

When I first started running back in the 80's it was more out of a need to avoid the pile of dirty dishes or the overgrown lawn than the desire to improve my fitness. In those days I meticulously logged every time and distance into what became a rather shabby old ledger.

How times have changed. With the marriage of GPS, heart rate monitors and internet technologies I can now with a few mouse clicks have every metric imaginable not only saved and displayed graphically on my desktop but can zoom in from outer space to view my route from above.

Great Manchester Run 2016 - 10K

May 22nd 2016.
Completed 1:31:27

Great Manchester Cycle 2016 - 26 miles

2016 event cancelled by organiser

Great Manchester Run 2015 - 10K

May 10th 2015.
Completed 1:34:51

Great Manchester Cycle 2015 - 26 miles

June 28th 2015.
Completed 2:15:46

Bike: Viking Legend 24 gear Hybrid.
Great Manchester Run 2014 - 10K

May 18th 2014.
DNS - Sciatica

Great Manchester Cycle 2014 - 26 miles

June 29th 2014.
Completed 1:51:26 (PB)

Bike: Viking Legend 24 gear Hybrid.
Great Manchester Cycle 2013 - 26 miles

June 30th 2013.
Completed 2:36:30

Bike: Viking Legend 24 gear Hybrid.
Great Manchester Run 2013 - 10K

July 20th 2013.
DNS - injury

Great Manchester Cycle 2012 - 26 miles

June 4th 2012.
Completed in 2:26:25

Bike: Viking Legend 24 gear Hybrid.
Great Manchester Run 2012 - 10K

May 20th 2012.
Completed in 1:34:24

Great Manchester Run 2011 - 10K

May 15th 2011.
Completed in 1:20:01, a PB but I wanted sub 1:20 - just 1 second!

The highlight was shaking Haile Gebrselassie`s hand as I crossed the start!
Tatton Park 2010 - 10k

September 26th 2010.
Completed in 1:24:06.
Great Manchester Run 2010 - 10K

May 16th 2010.
Completed in 1:31:34.
Great North Run 2009 - 13.2 Miles

September 20th 2009.
Completed in 2:55:38.
Fradley 2009 - 10K

March 8th 2009.
Great Manchester Run 2009 - 10K

May 17th 2009.
Completed in 1:24:37
Sport Relief 2008 - 6 Miles

March 16th 2008.
Completed in 1hr 25mins
Great Manchester Run 2008 - 10K

May 18th 2008.
Completed in 1hr 24mins
Great Manchester Run 2007 - 10k

May 20th 2007.
Completed in 1hr 28mins
Great North Run 2008 - 13.2 Miles

(2007 deferred)
Weston Park 2006 - 10K

October 22st 2006.
Completed in 1hr 23mins.
Great North Run 2006 - 13.2 Miles

October 1st 2006.
Completed in 3:6:46. Position 21,177th
Dedicated to the memory of Uncle Charlie and the crew of submarine HMS Swordfish