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18th/19th April 2011


(I do like wings)

Treking route


20th April 2011

Not the best of days for a hangover!


21th April 2011


Trek Day 1

21th April 2011


Trek Day 2

22nd April 2011

Phakding-Monjo-Namche Bazar

Trek Day 3

23rd April 2011

Namche Bazar

Trek Day 4

24th April 2011

Namche Bazar-Tengboche

Trek Day 5

25th April 2011


Trek Day 6

26th April 2011


Trek Day 7

27th April 2011


Trek Day 8 (Summit Day)

28th April 2011

Loboche-Gorak Shep-EBC-Gorak Shep

Trek Day 9

29th April 2011

Gorak Shep-Lobuche-Thokla-Pheriche-Orsho

Trek Day 10

30th April 2011

Orsho-Namche Bazar

Trek Day 11

1st May 2011

Namche Bazar-Monjo-Phakding

Trek Day 12

2nd May 2011



3rd May 2011



4th May 2011

Day in bed crook

Flights to UK

5th May 2011


(I do like wings)

Everest Base camp - April 2011

Trek day 6: Dingboche - Tue 26th April 2011

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Altitude: 15,413 feet (4,698m)

This was an acclimation day - 'climb high, sleep low'. Vitally important of course but I learned to despise these days and this one more than the others. A huge amount of effort in the climb, it took 2hrs 45 mins to raise my sluggish body by 1,058ft and just 45 mins to complete the descent. Total horizontal distance from the foot of Kyubo Kharka to the top was just 0.79km

I switched the GPS on for the descent as I wanted to capture the gradient of Kyubo Kharka. The result was a gradient of 126.7% which translates to 1:3 ie 3 foot along gives a 1 foot gain in height. It seemed a lot more than that!

Dedicated to the memory of Uncle Charlie and the crew of submarine HMS Swordfish